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I am running for my love of Texas and its way of life. With more than 600 new laws (600 too many) during the last legislative session the burden on Texas agriculture has never been more.

Our family farms are becoming a thing of the past due to regulation, high property taxes, labor shortage, and the overwhelming government favoritism of the giant corporate megaliths of ADM, Monsanto, etc..  These giant companies control more than 50% of our propriotary seed source, thus controlling the farms and your food from the field to your plate.

As your next Texas Agriculture Commissioner I will fight against any laws imposing more regulations on farmers. I will actively lobby before the legislature to repeal and all hemp and marijuana laws in the state. Hemp is one the most sustainable crops in the world and is already become legal in other
states. Will we as Texans let outdated and old fashioned laws continue or will we step up and let the farmers farm? Hemp can and will be the new cotton for Texas!!

The current Republican commissioner has actively worked with the Federales to expand the bloated school breakfast and lunch programs, and obtained federal funds for cameras along the borders. Which by the way, have done nothing but give the government more eyes.

Upon taking office I will immediately cease the federal camera program and begin to dismantle the overreaching federal powers operating through the Texas Agriculture Commission, search for pork in the school food programs and begin a top down management job attrition in the agency.

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